PORTEPLUME ou "la magie des mots"


Beauty-Full Life

I keep smiling even though my mind is away. I keep smiling in order to escape. I keep smiling its my therapy. I keep smiling not only because I want to. Because it's necessary. Especially when you don't feel like it, wear your prettier smile and shine. I try not to worry and stress out about the storm that threatens my peace. I got my lifejacket, my umbrella, my notebook and my pencil. I know that its only a strange moment to live, i know it's a Lifetest. I believe, it's a fair exam given by The Almighty teacher to make us realize and cherish what's essential. I'm a Life student, i still learnin as i glow. Positive is a fairy. Ask and you should receive. Time pass, things change.. Birds fly and so will i. 

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