Porteplume.. ou la magie des mots

Porteplume.. ou la magie des mots





Oh my little one

My cotton ball, my dream bubble

I wanna fly around you, go up there like an eagle

You so smooth and you look so sweet

I could just eat you like a marshmallow

You free up my mind when I talk to you

You free up my world when I'm facing you




Si doux.. et si fort à la fois

Translucide, maléable, agréable..

Des formes devinées et inventées

Parcourent un ciel doré par ce soleil cuivré

Bien vaillants et courageux soldats

Tout autour de moi




I like the way you play

I like the way you chill

I just feel so loved on the top of the hill

The sky has always been your crib

You feel at home, you just feel safe

I watched you, chasing the one next to you

Hide and seek we all played once


To be continued [...]


Joy Clouds

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